Our mission:
To create the online store that all sports clubs and athletes love.

We propose the implementation of a simple and remunerative e-commerce solution for the clubs, which connects the members to the best offers of the brands.

“Managing and running the club store was a nightmare”

Jérémy Slash icon Office member
AS Auneuil

The idea of Grinta was born from a simple observation: clubs have no simple and intuitive solution to manage their club store. Used to excels, loose sheets hung in the locker room, boxes stored in the club house without the precise listing of the orders placed, the club volunteers face many difficulties to manage efficiently their club store; without counting on the innumerable problems of stock, and delay experienced by the members themselves.


E-commerce becomes social.

We are building the technological ecosystem that will create a local and community connection between a sports brand and a sportsperson through the most beautiful social setting: his/her sports club!


Build the e-commerce solution used by the 1M clubs in Europe

We use design and technology to bring together the 1/3 of the European population who practice a sport in a club, in a social and community model of sporting goods consumption. Sports clubs play an essential role in our society, we create the e-commerce model that values this unique social and local anchorage.


A financial and sustainable development lever for amateur clubs

We make the consumption of sporting goods a financial and sustainable development lever for amateur clubs. Brands and distributors commit to pay a cashback to the clubs for each transaction made on their store. The clubs will become the local sporting goods store par excellence.

code icon September 2020

1st line of code.

club icon October 2020

Invitations sent to the first clubs.

euro icon August 2021

Fundraising of 2M euros.

+1000 clubs are using Grinta.

platform icon October 2020

Launch of the beta.

clubs icon April 2021

+500 clubs are using Grinta.


Our team

Today, Grinta is 10 people excited by the technological challenge of creating a new standard for the sporting goods industry, and already hundreds of users, volunteers and club leaders who participate in the evolution of our e-commerce solution for amateur clubs!

Adrien, Mickaël and Kévin founded in 2016 LaCentraleduSport.fr, a marketplace 100% dedicated to amateur clubs. During this time, Mehdi participated in the transformation of the rail industry as a developer at Capitaine Train (now Trainline). This experience within a scale up with a strong love for useful technology and design, combined with the trio’s strong experience in the sporting goods industry gave life to Grinta in September 2020.


They support us

“By creating a model in which clubs advantageously replace traditional distribution, Grinta has the potential to become a leader in the transformation of the sporting goods industry.”

Guillaume de Monplanet ex. CEO adidas France & SVP Europe DTC

“I see in Grinta an exceptional talent to build a new standard in the sporting goods industry. The founding team is obsessed with product and meeting the needs of clubs and athletes around the world.”

Daniel Beutler ex. COO Captain Train & President Trainline Intl

“By offering considerable leverage to sports communities, Grinta is building a strong brand that brings together, on a large scale, all sports enthusiasts.”

Lucien Boyer ex. Global CEO Havas Sports & Entertainement
Christophe Chenut ex. CEO Lacoste & L'Equipe
Philippe Massonnat ex. GM Football Nike CEE
Olivier Letang Président du LOSC
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