A tailored offering
according to your needs

Access a new way to sell your sports equipment and
increase your operating margin through an optimal licensee experience.

E-commerce store solution

50 € /club/year

+ 3% payment fee per sale

  • Automated e-commerce store creation
  • Centralized product catalog
  • Catalog synchronization
  • Monitoring club fleet activity

E-commerce store


50 € /club/year

+ 3% payment fee per sale

+ 19% fulfillment service fee

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  • E-commerce store plus:
  • Externalized fulfillment
  • Home delivery in 72H
  • Return and exchange management

Brand program

Join the program of one of our partner brands and enjoy Grinta at a lower cost.

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  • E-commerce store and fulfillment solution plus:
  • Access to the brand's stock
  • No cash advance required
  • Real-time stock tracking

All features

E-commerce store solution
50 € + 3% payment fee per sale
E-commerce store
50 € + 3% payment fee per sale + 19% fulfillment service fee
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Club online store
Number of stores
Customizable mobile and web store
Order tracking
Secure payments
Installment payments
Back in stock alerts
Integration of your logo on screens
Retailer platform
Monthly revenue tracking
Club fleet activity tracking
Catalog performance tracking
Centralized product catalog
Custom data reporting
Club platform
Store activity tracking
Licensee order tracking
Creation of an official collection
Creation of vouchers
Communication tools for licensees
fulfillment solution
Order preparation
Home delivery in 72H
Custom logo management
Product branding
Real-time product stock tracking
Return and exchange management
Payments & invoicing
Payment fees
3% per sale
3% per sale
Service fees
19% per sale
Payment split
Invoicing management
Communication solution
Custom promotional campaigns
Customization of marketing emails
Customer service
Help center for clubs & members
Support service for clubs
Customer service for members
Security and compliance
99.9% uptime SLA
Regular security updates

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the plans work?

Each plan includes a flat rate of 50€ per club/year, which allows you to benefit from our online store solution. You then have the option to subscribe to our logistics offer based on your size and needs. Contact us to learn more.

Is it possible to change plans if my needs change in the future?

It is possible to change plans based on your changing needs. Contact us for more details on our change policies.

What does the logistics solution include?

The logistics offer gives you access to our dedicated logistics platform and includes a customer support service that handles club and licensee requests (product questions, delivery issues, return requests, etc.). Licensee orders are prepared and delivered to their homes within 72 hours. Contact us if you would like more information.

How can I customize my plan with additional options?

You can customize your plan by adding additional options according to your specific needs. Marketing services, platform customization, advanced data analysis... Contact us to build a plan tailored to your needs.

What do the payment and service fees cover?

The payment fees correspond to the fees associated with processing payments made on your online stores. The service fees are specific to the logistics offer and cover the costs related to the various features and services offered: platform operation costs, order preparation and shipping to the logistics provider, support for clubs and customers.

What is the affiliate program?

The affiliate program allows you to access the brand's catalog without stocking inventory, while maintaining an annual operating margin > 10% and benefiting from our dedicated logistics platform. Contact us to learn more.

How does the billing process work?

The billing process is simple and transparent. You will receive a monthly invoice for the services you have used. Payment is made by direct debit or bank transfer. Contact us for more information.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

There is no minimum commitment period. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

I have other questions

Contact us for more information about our plans and services.